About us

Alpina International GmbH is an international trader of gas and oil products. It has been founded with the purpose to operate on the European fuel market. We operate as a partner with wide range of possibilities of purchasing and placing product to our customers in Germany and other EU countries. We supply either international corporate customers and private companies.


With our business partners we create long lasting relationships which are based on mutual trust and professional approach. Having built our position as a reliable partner we operate in many European countries. Everyday contact with the major players of the European fuel market enables to observe trends changes and adjust to current market situation. Our model of doing business is based on flexibility (which can result in the change of supplies direction – from import to export). Our understanding of business helps us to use the potential of the market.


We can offer:

  • Propan
  • Butan
  • Iso-Butan
  • Biodiesel
  • Straight Run Fuel Oil
  • Paraffin Oil
  • Heavy Fuel Oil (hohe Viskosität, max 3,5% Schwefel)
  • Heating Oil
  • Light Petroleum Distillate
  • Mid Petroleum Distillate
  • Iso-Butanol

We are interested in cooperation with every company active in the field of oil-businesshydrocarbons and its derivatives.

Our deliveries can be done by ship, rtc's or truck. You can ask for spot-quantities as well as for a term contract - please give us a call!

In case of interest and for all open questions we would be happy to give you our support.

For more detailed information please contact our office:

Phone: 0049/8806/9598555

Fax: 0049/8806/9598553

Mail: office@alpina-international.com

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to contact us

Alpina-International GmbH
Claus-Bastian Str. 7
86919 Utting

Phone: 0049/8806/9598555

Fax: 0049/8806/9598553

Mail: office@alpina-international.com

Geschäftsführer/managing directors:
Mariusz Wilkolaski
AG Augsburg HRB 27574
Sitz der Gesellschaft: Utting am Ammersee